The Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) is staffed by a diverse group of thinkers, strategists, coders, creative makers, artists, and problem solvers. All units work closely together to ensure the vision of DSTI is achieved.

    • Policy Unit – lawyers, policy experts, procurement experts with experiences related to innovation and entrepreneurship at scale
    • Data and Innovations Unit – data scientists, designers, engineers, technologists
    • Deployment and Implementation Unit – mobile demonstration units, computer scientists, sociologists, M&E experts
    • Ecosystem Unit – artists and other creative thinkers/doers, designers, historians, technologists, strategists


Consultants & Embedded Staff

Interns & Fellows

How to apply: There’s no minimum degree requirement. All you have to do is send us your profile including a CV, a cover letter and a portfolio of projects/activities you’ve done. We want to see an evidence of integrated theory and practice in your work. We shall invite you for a series of group case interviews to ensure that we are aligned on work culture, ethics and principles. And maybe we will even send you homework beforehand so that you create something to bring to the interview. Some of the qualities that successful applicants have are: initiative, passion, grit, integrity, humor, and tact. Contact us at with any questions or for submission of materials. Recruitment is on a rolling basis. All positions open to Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad.

We believe that Sierra Leone is best served by a diversity of perspectives, so we eagerly welcome people of all regions, faiths, tribes, gender, ages, abilities, and skills to apply for open positions.