Advisory Boards

To execute on its mission and objectives, DSTI will seek guidance and external support by working closely with two active Advisory Groups: The Inter-Governmental Advisory Board and the Citizen’s Advisory Group.

Inter-Governmental Advisory Board (iGAB): This board is composed of senior government officials from across MDAs, parliament and the justice department who serve as enablers of DSTI initiatives. The iGAB is initially comprised of the following representatives:

  1. Office of the President : Chair
  2. Ministry of Finance: Co-Chair
  3. Ministry of Information and Communication (Directorate of Communication)
  4. Ministry of Justice
  5. Anticorruption Commission
  6. Auditor General’s Office
  7. Academic Institution (ICT related discipline)
  8. National Telecommunications Agency
  9. Parliamentarian Representative
  10. Other

Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG): The CAG serves as a consultative community idea generating engine composed of members from the private and civil sectors. As members of the constituencies who will be impacted by activities supported by DSTI, they offer a critical role in supporting our vision. Members of the CAG will be selected via an open public nomination process and appointments by the CIO. CAG members will serve for one year with renewable membership. The CAG will be initially comprised of members from the following areas:

  1. Private Sector (banking, telco, IT, mining, etc)
  2. Informal Sector (e.g. traders)
  3. Creative Artists (e.g designers)
  4. Youth and Students
  5. Civil Society
  6. Academic Institution
  7. Other

The advisory groups will meet as necessary independently and together to support DSTI. The iGAB is chaired by the Office of the President and the Ministry of Finance. The CAG will select their Chair once a year. For each meeting, DSTI will distribute an agenda with the appropriate action items.