We the citizens – the designers scientists artists civic leaders

are the problem-solvers who will transform Sierra Leone into an innovation nation



Na We All Yone. Leh We Mek Am.


Sierra Leone: towards an innovation nation

“Science and Technology is the bedrock for the development of any modern economy. My Government is setting up a Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation to develop a framework for scientific research. Initially, this Directorate will be midwifed in the Office of the President but shall work closely with the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education.”

-His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio (Public State Opening of the Parliament of Sierra Leone)




Our Strategic Pillars

Data For Decision Making

Enabling real-time decision support for public officials through state-of-the-art analytical methods and visualization

Data Systems & Technology Design

Develop data systems, solutions and designs that support secure cross-sector collaboration and planning with government ministries departments and agencies.

Service Delivery & Citizen Engagement

Provide citizens with digital services and solutions that enhance their engagement with government.

Ecosystem Strengthening

Support the innovation culture and enhance a network of researchers, data scientists and innovators and entrepreneurs in SL.

Selected Projects

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Our Ethos


We are scientists, technologists, researchers, artists and more. But we are problem-solvers first. We believe that technology and innovation must be used to solve problems that impact the broader society.


Every philosopher has a wise saying about time or the lack thereof. We agree, and that’s why we think, move, and build quickly.

Peer Learning

Humans and machines have been pursuing advanced knowledge since day 0. YES, self learning is important, AND we aspire to intentionally learn with and from others too.


The biggest challenges of our time will not be solved in a cubicle by a lone genius. That is why at DSTI we believe in openly engaging with all our partners to tackle these challenges.


At DSTI, diversity is not a checkbox. It is embedded in how we work. As such we enable an environment of open collaboration where everyone can offer their best and most fulfilling selves.


More data has been created in the past 2 years than in the entire human history! The future world for which we are creating solutions today is hard to imagine. So we must stay focused on the future.

Our Partners